Gold  Hill  Vineyard & Brewery




Gold Hill Brewery produces classic beer in traditional styles. Using traditional methods the beers reflect the flavor and aroma that desirable in that “perfect pint.”
Whether you enjoy a rich and malty Scotch Ale, a Dry Irish Stout, or a bright-hoppy IPA; Gold Hill Brewery provides an enjoyable visit for every pallet.
The Beers:

49’er Red (American Amber): 
Known simply as Red Ales in some regions, these beers were popularized in the hop-loving Northern California and the Pacific Northwest areas before spreading nationwide.  Medium, full-body ale, with a soft malty sweetness, followed by moderate caramel flavors.  Late-hop additions give that distinct West Coast hop aroma and flavor.  ABV  5.7%

Best Red Ale in California Honorable Mention:
California State Fair, 2011

Boomtown IPA (American IPA): 
An American version of the historical English style, brewed using American ingredients and attitude.  Boomtown IPA is brewed with Nugget, Zythos, Columbus, and Chinook hops. It is well-balanced between  malt and hops with a fresh hop aroma of citrus, and pine, and subtle tropical fruit notes in the background.  These same characteristics come through in the flavor, balanced by a light malt character to let the hops shine through.  After all, this is a West Coast IPA.  6.5% ABV.

Gold Trail Pale Ale (American Pale Ale): 
Originally, a draft-style ale, served very fresh under no pressure (gravity or hand pump only), at cellar temperatures.  English pale ales were originally brewed around the start of the 20th century and became widespread once brewers understood how to successfully use crystal malts to add a fullness and roundness of the palate. This beer produces a nice up-front maltiness followed by a clean-dry finish.  Hops include both the familiar cascade hops, for a citrusy, West Coast twist, combined with and a generous addition of traditional English Fuggles hops, for an earthy/floral balance.  ABV  5.7%

Old Miner’s Scotch (Scottish Export 80/+): 
A traditional Scottish session beer with less hops than it’s English counterparts, malt is the predominant flavor in this old-world beer.  Long, cool, fermentations are used in Scottish brewing to create a clean malty beer.  The malt-hop balance is tilted towards the malt side with enjoyable caramel/toffee notes which come from kettle caramelization, induced by a lengthy boil, and not the commonly used caramel malts.  ABV  4.7%

Axe Pic’n Stout (Dry Stout): 
The style evolved from attempts to capitalize on the success of London porters, but originally reflected a fuller, creamier, more “stout” body and strength.  When a brewery offered a stout and a porter, the stout was always the stronger beer (it was originally called a “Stout Porter”).  However, today’s dry stouts are brewed from a lower OG and no longer reflect a higher strength than porters.  This beer is a medium-full body, with a creamy character.  This delightfully dry beer supports a rich coffee-like flavor with a bittersweet character lasting well into the finish.  Dry enough to be enjoyed in the summer as well as the winter.  ABV  5.1%

Hank’s Porter (Honey Porter):
Originating in England, porter evolved from a blend of beers known as “Entire.” A precursor to stout; this beer is said to have been favored by porters and other physical laborers of 19th Century England. This beer  is a medium body dark beer with an enjoyable quality. The delightful chocolate flavors are complimented by the rich coffee flavors and nutty overtones.  Hank’s Porter, named for the founder of Gold Hill Brewery, offers a surprisingly dry finish making it as easy drinking on a warm summer day as a cool winter evening.  ABV  6.7%

Taster Tray 6 3oz. tastes $8.50

Pint $5  or  $4 if wine club
32oz. Growlers $12 new. $7.50 refill

Growlers: $22 new. $15  refill or $13 if wine club